Embedded supply chain leadership

This is the core of our business, and what sets us apart from a typical consultant relationship.

We will embed our Supply Chain Expert to operate within your team to lead the transformation project, as a contracted manager. By doing this, we share your vision and work with you, and alongside your leadership team. We can sustain the change momentum and bring expertise as required.

Typically, an executive would be embedded within your company from one day per week to full time, dictated by your needs and circumstances. The built in flexibility to ramp things up or down – and bring in extra resources – means that you can direct your investment where it’s needed most.

At the same time, we are also connected to a larger network of Supply Chain professionals, bringing you the benefit of shared solution development and best industry practice. Whatever your requirements, whether it be contract negotiation, procurement projects or stock flow management, our solution will be tailored to you and your company. Just as your business is unique, so will be our strategy.



Why this works?

Because it brings all of the benefits and experience of a senior supply chain expert as part of the team – for as much and as long as you need it.


Many companies cannot afford to appoint a full time senior Supply Chain specialist in their business, or the expense of a short term high cost consultant – even though they know they can’t afford NOT to have that expertise. By using The Supply Chain Network, having the expertise as part of the team in the short term can be the solution.


Executives may not be able to discuss strategic issues being considered with their own teams. This may be due to perceptions about job security affecting their views, or the level of strategic input needed, or just that their team needs to stay focussed on day to day outcomes.


This is similar to the appointment of an external Accountant or Auditor to review the company’s financial position, a Legal firm to support legal matters, or an Advertising Agency to provide the expertise to manage marketing and advertising programs.



Cellnet is an importer and distributor of high tech accessories for the telecoms and PC Peripherals market, with sales approaching $100M “Cellnet is in an exciting turnaround journey, where leading back to profit and efficient use of capital has become a non-negotiable imperative.

We engaged Paul de Guingand from The Supply Chain Network on the basis of his reputation in delivering rapid change management as part of innovative Supply Chain strategy.

The results have been unbelievable: we are halfway through our Supply Chain turnaround, and have already begun to see great results. We are on target to take 20% of our supply chain costs down, our service levels have improved so that our sales and marketing efforts can focus on growth rather than excuses, and our inventory has already halved.

While the expertise is second to none – the engaged and positive attitude means we see Paul and TSCN as part of our own team.”

escprofile1Alan Sparks

CEO, Cellnet.


Weir Minerals is a subsidiary of the Weir Group, are specialists in delivering and supporting slurry equipment solutions including pumps, hydrocyclones, valves, screen machines and screen media, rubber and wear resistant linings for global mining and mineral processing, the power sector and general industry.

“I’ve known Paul de Guingand for many years, and have learnt to respect his broad commercial knowledge as an expert in Supply Chain. When we (Weir Minerals Australia) needed to review our Supply Chain strategy, I contacted Paul and asked him to step in and review our operations to identify what we could do better.

He was able to step in and hit the ground running. He was a breath of fresh air, providing natural leadership and guidance of the team on an immediate basis, and was a great cultural fit within our leadership team. The expertise and direction drove immediate benefits, delivering improved sales response, and better inventory quality, through a redesign of our Sales and Operations Planning process. He has helped drive confidence back in our capabilities to improve service outcomes to our customers.
He has earned the respect of our Australian leadership group– as well as more broadly within the Weir global supply chain and strategic leadership group.”

escprofile2Terese Withington

Managing Director, WMA